How do i install Sims 3 torrent to my computer using utorrent?

Josss: How do i install Sims 3 torrent to my computer using utorrent?
ok, so, i got the torrent on thepiratebay— and i downloaded it on utorrent..
basically i dont know anything about this stuff.. i’ve read a few tutorials but i dont understand what exactly it was telling me to do .. something about mounting or burning the image and then using a crack code but i have no idea how to do any of that
i dont get any of this could you please explain details if you know anything about this??


🙂 Kenny
So you got the torrent downloaded. Great! Now usually right click your downloaded torrent and look for something like “open in explorer”. (Might be a little different because I personally use Vuze.) Once you do this 90% of torrents have a file in it called an “Iso File”. Now this is the file which installs and runs the game but to use it your gonna need to download a software called “Daemon Tools Lite”. It’s completely free and fairly easy to use. Once this software is downloaded open it. In the bottom left hand part of the screen their is a Disk with a green Plus sign. It means “Add image”. Search for the Iso file I was talking about before when the screen pops up and then open it. Once its been opened it will pop up above and then click it and click the green play button which if you hold your mouse cursor over will say mount. The image will be mounted and then a window will pop up usually to install the game! The Rest is all Self explanatory! I hope this Helped and sometimes its more difficult then that. If you have any other questions ask and ill try to explain some of the other more difficult ways to get these torrent games working! =)

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